ExoBelt includes: 2 Locks, 1Key

  1 1/2″ size ring (Cock Ring)
  1 3/4″ size ring (Cock Ring)
  2″ size ring (Cock Ring)
  Nose ring, Pin and Lock assembly
  Aluminum rear ring and lock
  Right side ExoSkeleton
  Left side ExoSkeleton                     
  ComfortBand – stops pinching
  1 year Warranty
 Finally, a secure chastity device without a belt!
The ExoBelt puts the pressure on the exoskeleton, not on your scrotum
Most chastity devices today put pressure on the scrotum area. The ExoBelt does NOT rely on putting pressure on the scrotum for security, and because it doesn’t need to put pressure on the scrotum the Exobelt is very comfortable for long term wear.  
– Pressure-less Vise type operation makes the unit more secure than a “trapped ball” type device
 – Easy to urinate with standing up or sitting down.
 – Exoskeleton design stops masturbation, and unwanted sexual affairs
 – Hand made in the USA
 – Made from high strength materials used in prosthetics (No cheap plastics)
 – Over 2 years of development
 – Light weight
 – comfortable for long term wear
 Questions?  just ask me jenny@exobelt.com

Dimensions & Photos

For obvious legal reasons we cannot recommend any ExoBelt product for use on the body or in any capacity as a medical device.  It must be understood that some acts discussed or depicted on the ExoBelt website on in email correspondence may be medically unsafe or harmful and that the description and discussion of and such act(s) is intended as purely anecdotal or “fantasy” material. You choose to engage in any such act(s), discussed or depicted, entirely at your own risk. Due to the nature of the device, we can NOT accept returns.