How could chastity benefit a “normal couple” like us?

Ladies – You will rest better at night, knowing for sure that your husband/boyfriend is being faithful to you.  Especially on late nights out with the guys, business travel, bachelor parties and so forth. You will also have the confidence to know that your man is not masturbating to a dirty magazine or adult video. 

Men – Although you will be hesitant at first, the idea of male chastity will help you see a more sexual side of your wife or girlfriend. Maybe she is not as interested in sex as much as she used to be, this will all change once she holds the keys to your ExoBelt.  The increased sex drive is derived from her emotional knowing that she will have complete control of your sexuality.  This should drive most any woman wild with passion.  (I know it does me!)

Ladies – Most women are shocked to learn just how often men masturbate. So why do men masturbate so much?

  Actually, it is not their fault, men constantly have their own biology bombarding them with a physical need for sexual release. As you may already know, the male reproductive system is always building a load of ejaculate or cum, while at the same time the male reproductive organs are sending powerful chemicals to the brain that makes the man “horny”.  So basically, men are always under the influence of an aphrodisiac (Spanish fly). Even men who try to fight the urge of a need for sexual release will end up with a nocturnal emission (wet dream). It is natures way of ejecting the load on deck, to make room for a new one.  All men are different, but average men will need a release every 24 to 72 hours.

  The bottom line is most likely your man is masturbating (or having wet dreams) about once a day to every other day. Some men will deny this when asked about their masturbation, and it is understandable that they may be a little embarrassed of their need for sex. Also, the more frequently men have sex or masturbate their bodies will produce more testosterone, which in turn increases the man’s sex drive and continues the vicious cycle. With more testosterone the drive will increase and your man will need physical release more frequent.

By stopping his masturbating he will have more sexual energy for you.  Also the ExoBelt is a great way to have your man give you all the cuddling, kissing, and oral attention you want.

  Have you ever wanted your man to help out around the house more? maybe do the dishes, laundry and dusting?  After a few short days in the ExoBelt your man will be willing to do all the household chores.